About us

Our Company

Collective Labs is a Cybersecurity firm providing a world-wide web security auditing service for you and your business.

Collective Labs was founded by Ryan Jackson a 17 year old entrepreneur with an inspiration for cybersecurity. Collective Labs is bound to provide a security solution and consult with a variety of customers about protecting their accomodative security. Steve Acura later joined him to research and gather analytical data on multiple organizations to form a complete security firewall system for our customers.


Steve Acura

Malware Researcher

Malware Researcher, Steve Acura, now 24 started programming as early as age 13 later to join other teams such as GoDaddy. Mr. Acura found himself doing research and delivering documentation information - this information was later acquired to agencies who needed an internet security solution.

Ryan Jackson


CEO, Ryan Jackson, now 17 started programming as early as age 11, and later on caught himself on a trial after helping Spotify by delivering to them a tool used to compromise millions of accounts. He is dedicated to helping and keeping the Collective Labs team on track as far as internet security.

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