Collective Labs

Collective Labs is a #CyberSecurity team exploring #Technology that offers you an auditing service for your business. Collective Labs was founded by Ryan Jackson a 17 year old developer located in Alabama. Collective Labs later expanded and collaborated with large-scale companies while proceeding with research alongside a development team. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of services including - SQLI/XSS Detection. Our mission is to provide the best security solution for you and your customers. To contact us and setup a meeting, please fill out the contact form on our website below. You will find the latest information about us on our Twitter profolio. Thank you for choosing Collective Labs.

Our Research

This is our research page where we show you what our team at Collective Labs has analyzed.

Sucuri XSS Vulnerability

Collective Labs examined the Sucuri website which had an XSS vulnerability. Sucuri has partnered with GoDaddy in past. View Vulnerability

Weird XSS

Collective Labs examined a website for testing XSS (LINK) found a weird reflective XSS vulnerability. View Research

Spotify Security Breach

There was a Spotify tool found that used a e-mail/password combination to test login processes on accounts. This left millions at potential data risk found by Ryan Jackson our 17 year old CEO at Collective Labs. This vulnerability was also commented on by people such as Malware Tech Blog and Brian Krebs and was cited in an article. View Vulnerability

Crypto Giveaway!

Every now and then we will have cryptocurrency giveaways! You are welcome to tune into us on Twitter and join in on the fun! View Tweet Registered & Protected Protection Status FraudLabs Pro Prevents Fraud for Digital Businesses